The Word Bay


About me

The Word Bay site and the Wordbay WordPress plugin are maintained and developed by me, Mark Daniels.

I am a Brit now resident in Serbia (not Siberia – Serbia!) and my main business (if I have such a thing) is owning and running a Serbian-English translation company called Odista. I am happily married with a wee kiddie and also spend a LOT of time mountain-bike training and race in the national league when time allows (not often enough).

About Wordbay

Writing Wordbay plugins was NOT something I planned to do – I just have some programming knowledge from my previous life and dabble extensively in Internet marketing, so it all just happened from there. I did not even research other similar products to see what was out there, else I might not have bothered! But as it happened, I created something people needed – and it was free too! Man, if I had just a DOLLAR for every time it’s been downloaded… 🙂

About The Word Bay

Wordbay originally began as a plugin hosted in the WordPress repository, but in 2010 I took the decision to branch off a new, much richer version of the plugin and to create a site to host it. Because I develop the Wordbay plugin in what little spare time I have, I wanted to at least have some measure of ‘control’ over it, and also to have a place where the plugin can be properly supported and a community created around it.

So this is it – welcome to The Word Bay! I called it that as, apart from recalling the name of the plugin, ‘words‘ are the cornerstone of Internet marketing – think content, think keywords. So I imagine the site as a ‘bay’, or a little corner of the Internet, where we discuss not only issues relating to the use of the Wordbay plugin, but ‘words‘ in general too!

The site is partially closed to non-members, that is, there are sections that can only be accessed by logged-in users who have registered on the site. This includes access to the plugin itself, but also lots of juicy materials about making money online, especially using the Wordbay plugin. Also, non-members cannot read all the forum topics and cannot post either. This eliminates spam and encourages more ‘free’ discussion of Internet marketing-related stuff that we might not share elsewhere.

So get the plugin and join us, and let’s start earning from eBay today!