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Big earnings with eBay/Skimlinks (almost $1000 in one day!)

December 8th, 2012

Still not sure about the earnings potential of eBay niche sites?

OK, check out the screenshot below. I hadn’t checked my Skimlinks stats for a while, but when I did, I had a very nice surprise. Looks like I had a MASSIVE eBay earnings spike on 1st Nov resulting in commissions of 615.52 GBP (that’s about $985 USD)! In one day! In fact, probably with one click/sale!

Graph of Skimlinks earnings spike

Now – here is a disclaimer or two – I am not saying you WILL see these kinds of figures, I only get spikes like these every now and then (I had another one that was over 200 USD in one day in October). I WISH I got them every day! I KNOW it is possible with the right niche. But this site isn’t even very high-traffic, I don’t use Skimlinks, mostly, as I have an eBay partner network account, so don’t need to. (DISCLAIMER: The sale might even have been from an affiliate whom I referred to Skimlinks – I think I get some small percentage bonus during the first year, based on their earnings – just think how much THEY are earning then!! :o).

But I hope you see the potential of eBay niche sites, whether you go through Skimlinks or directly via the eBay Partner Network. I know for a fact that there are some awesome niches out there just waiting to be tapped, and I have plenty of experience to prove it!

Don’t forget, my Wordbay plugin lets you insert money-making eBay listings in your WordPress site, with tons of powerful features, including full support for Skimlinks, if you aren’t able to get an eBay Partner Network account. The price of Wordbay went up to $67 recently, but a subscriber pointed out to me that my ebook, eBay Niche Domination (you have signed up to get that free, right?!), still states the price as being $37. So to be fair, I agreed to let her have it at the $37 price, and I will offer the same to any of you who want to grab it now – you have a day or two to grab it here and save $30, and then I will be revising the price in the book to $67 and that will REALLY be that!