The Word Bay

A price comparison plugin for WordPress!

March 20th, 2017

I finally did it, I wrote the plugin I had been imagining for literally years. A plugin which would build on my Wordbay eBay plugin but would pull product/price data from multiple sources (like Amazon and Commission Junction – with more to come if there is demand), aggregate it together and produce a price comparison listing right there in your WordPress content – just like the ones you see on the big-name product review sites.

And you wouldn’t have to use any paid subscription services, the plugin would do all the work, it would all be hosted on your site.

It’s called the Storeminator, and it’s finally here! It looks like this:

Could you use a plugin like that on your review sites? Of course you could! The question is, how come nobody wrote something like this before?!

Well, there are a FEW plugins around that do something similar, but as far as I can tell they require you to first be using a well-known (paid) e-commerce platform for WordPress. Then you have to buy the actual plugin (which right now costs a LOT more than the Storeminator)! Then you may also need to pay for a monthly subscription service to their product feed/scraper service! That is a VERY expensive option for most small-time affiliate marketers.

The way I designed the Storeminator, it is entirely hosted on your sites and does all the work itself. You pay a one-off price for the plugin and that’s IT!

I won’t go into great detail, you can check out the sales page here. There is also a video on this page that gives you more idea of how it works: Storeminator intro video.

But here’s the thing I have to explain: I have planned to initially release only 50 copies of this plugin at this price for the launch period. I want to get some early adopters on board, mostly existing users of my plugins. There is no way I will be selling it at this price in the future (although it still won’t cost as much as THAT product). It may already be too late to get it at the launch price by the time you read this. So head on over to the sales page and see if you can pick it up now for the discounted price. I may do special offers in the future, but it will never be sold at this price again!