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This is the goodies section! Get the latest version of the Wordbay plugin from here, plus other cool stuff as and when it gets added. You will find a lot of things here are only available to logged-in Word Bay members. If you want to download them you will need to have purchased Wordbay.

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Changelog (see what’s changed):

1.8.1 – 9th July 2015

  • fixed ANOTHER problem with UTF’8 characters not getting displayed properly – broken in 1.7.9.

1.8 – 29th April 2015

  • fixed a problem where the settings fields of custom templates were getting repopulated with the default settings after page refresh.

1.7.9 – 3rd November 2014

  • fixed an HTML encoding problem with special chars in product titles messing things up. Was supposed to be fixed in 1.7.7 but something else evidently got broken along the way
  • upgraded Smarty engine to version 3.1.21, though no issues were known to affect Wordbay
  • upgraded SimplePie from 1.3 to 1.3.1, ditto

1.7.8 – 3rd October 2013

  • updated geotargetting module to take account of changes to IPInfoDB API


  • made it possible to have meta settings on custom post types too (actually, on all post types now)
  • added framework to allow dropdown-based options to post/page metasettings, you can now choose Listing Type and Sort Order for each post individually, more can be added on request.
  • got rid of a few non-critical error notices that were happening due to sloppy coding
  • improved the routine to fix problematic characters in item title (like ” and $)
  • implemented cookie to remember user sort order choice for the session – this use of cookies MAY require a disclaimer in some jurisdictions, I will leave that to users.


  • corrected small bug with Wordbay menu replacing Media menu
  • added warning to Display settings to remind users changes will not immediately be seen if caching is turned on


  • Made a lot of (basically minor) changes to allow the plugin to work outside the WordPress framework
  • Wrote an initialisation script and a demo file for developers, api-ini.php and apidemo.php
  • Added an option to reset custom template options to default values


  • Added option to reset custom template options to “factory”


  • Implemented pagination; reintroduced SimplePie feed caching as necessary for this; upgraded main templates for use with pagination
  • Reintroduced caching for search results pages, esp. in light of pagination
  • Changed some of the instructions for Max items etc. in line with the changes
  • Upgraded to Smarty 3.1.11, small changes to Wordbay core code to upgrade some deprecated Smarty function calls
  • Removed deprecated “Suppress listings on category pages” option
  • Search results are now always Best Match, gives much better results for user searches
  • Fixed a problem with the search button text not appearing on the search page


Added Upload facility in the Display settings so add-on templates can be easily installed.


The big change is the customisable template in the Display settings! Look out for new customisable templates coming soon! Changes in full:

  • added a warning to change Permalinks from Default setting
  • fixed error that arose when plugin directory was not called “wordbay”, directory can now be called anything (we think)
  • added framework for Template Editor; create Custom_default template
  • fixed bug with widget, was not processing ‘*’ as ‘all items’
  • ensured searchers are now directed only to the store of the primary seller (if specified) in the event that a search yields no results.
  • fixed code to suppress WB listings on certain pages of (docs, forum pages etc.) – for author use only


  • IMPORTANT: to list ALL items from a particular seller, the * (asterisk) wildcard must now be used. Previously it could be left blank. You must manually update pages affected by this, sorry.
  • support for the WordPress shortcode API
  • added option to conceal eBay listings to geo-targetted visitors from non-eBay countries and show alternative ad code; added same option to widgets
  • insert more than one listing unit in your page
  • sellers option added to widget
  • option added to switch headers and footers on and off
  • support added for checkboxes in the “page/post” custom settings and some of the “toggle”-type options added (Filter duplicates, Show header/footer etc.)
  • choice of linking options: link via EPN, link via Skimlinks, or use vanilla links.
  • admin panel rewrite: Wordbay options broken out into groups with own menu entry
  • lots of minor changes to template/s; new vertical widget look added (‘Justified’); improved CSS to help prevent overflow of image, and enforce ideal height
  • WB search results pages improved (enforce header, suppress footer, suppress embedded search form, enforce header search form, show search term in header search form field)
  • removed “suppress listings on category pages” option – no longer needed with the shortcode API
  • got rid of the “no listings” anchor text that displayed the post title as that wasn’t working very well – now it just says “Click here” or something.


  • added “Available To” option
  • added “Condition” option
  • fixed minor geotargetting quirk and changed override  behaviour in accordance with new options
  • made changes to allow for “blank” keywords to be specified
  • reincorporated template files into zip


Biggest change here is the widget support! Just go into Widgets and drag the Wordbay listings widget to whatever position you want, choosing a horizontal or vertical template depending on the orientation. Other changes:

  • tried to address the “Stat failed” warning that happens intermittently – we’ll see if it’s wortked!
  • added a warning message if templates have not been installed as new users have been getting confused

1.6 (major update! You must upgrade to this version as soon as possible!)

Most importantly, this version of Wordbay is compatible with the new eBay RSS feed format, as launched by eBay in early summer 2011. You will notice little or no difference in actual functionality. However, there are also a number of new features and bug fixes:

  • eBay categories automatically migrated to the new EPN countries (hopefully, that was tricky)
  • sort dropdown added to template
  • sorting options: define your default listings sort order from the admin panel
  • percentage difference” (using “Levenshtein Distance”) introduced for eliminating duplicate listings (geeky but very cool :))
  • minimum bids option reintroduced – yay!
  • distance in miles/postcode introduced for local listings
  • custom listings header text implemented, can be changed per-post
  • listings now suppressed in blog RSS feeds
  • better handling of empty listings (eliminated some blank results pages)
  • eBay categories now hidden in back-end and on per-page options (click to reveal – they were taking up too much room)
  • FIXED: geo-IP info now parsed by a different method to avoid SimpleXML errors that some people were getting
  • FIXED: a bug that was causing cached filenames to have slashes in them and throwing up errors in some rare cases. They are now encoded with MD5 instead of BASE64, so no more slashes


  • A minor version number update, but a MAJOR change in Wordbay! A much-requested feature: now you can change many settings on a per-post basis, using a nifty little Wordbay config section that appears below the post/page edit form!
    (No changes made to template files, no need to download those if you are just updating from 1.5.1).


  • corrected a small bug that sometimes appeared when changing templates.

1.5 – stable

  • got rid of lots of deprecated code
  • sorted out the options page a little
  • er… that’s it, and had a little party to celebrate finally getting v1.5 out!!


  • changed the geolocation provider, the old one was unreliable. However, if you want to use geotargetting now you must follow the instructions in the admin panel and add an API key as explained
  • fixed some issues with templates running on – added a ‘clear: both;’ basically
  • fixed issue with SimplePie defaulting to date sorting of feed items
  • temporarily removed ‘anti-cookie-stuffing’ routine from buy.php – this was falling over on some setups, though I hope to reintroduce this asap
  • fixed bug whereby settings were getting reset on plugin activation – that was annoying, but easily fixed in the end
  • added rel=’nofollow’ to all affiliate links – yes, my profound apologies, none of the links were nofollowed, it just wasn’t something I was thinking about when I wrote the whole template routine, but I know many people consider it very important to nofollow affiliate links
  • added code to stop ‘update plugin’ warnings – not sure if it’s working yet, please let me know. It does seem not to kick in straight away.

BETA (never released)

  • removed SimplePie caching – it was just taking up disk space


  • fixed duplicate cached posts on blog homepages
  • implemented search form in templates!! This one is great – now your users can search again direct from your listing page. Just remember to set up a search results page as per usual