The Word Bay

Earning online

I started this site not just with the intention of providing a home for the Wordbay eBay plugin, but as a home for everyone out there who is trying to make money online with this tool, and with niche marketing in general.

I know for a fact that many Internet marketers out there are really struggling to make much of a living online, in fact the failure rate is said to be very high indeed – in the high 90-100% range.

I want to try to improve those odds for Wordbay users, so apart from the forum, where we can discuss and share different online marketing strategies, I will also be maintaining this section, where I will share as much as I can about what has worked for me. I am no guru and I do not live just from Internet marketing, but I am pretty sure I have some tips that you will find very helpful, and will also stop you making serious mistakes early on.

Some of this stuff is pretty common knowledge, some of it maybe not so much. Some of it is stuff I have discovered for myself and don’t really want to share with the entire Internet, and so is accessible by members only.

Hope you find something useful here!