The Word Bay

Before you start

Before you rush off and start cramming your blog with eBay nichey goodness you would do well to briefly read through this section, especially the ‘Four fatal mistakes’. This is especially true if you feel you have not really ‘cracked’ Internet marketing yet because I will be the first to say that Wordbay is not a ‘magic bullet’. It is not a quick way to (finally) start earning money from the Internet. Rather it is a tool to help you do so. And if you go about it the wrong way you will have no more success with Wordbay and EPN than any other venture you may have tried. But there ARE sound principles out there for how to get your IM career off the ground and which will help you make the most of Wordbay, eBay and WordPress and actually start seeing those commission graphs start to rise!

So in this section and on the forum I hope that we can build up a resource for Wordbay users (and only for Wordbay users – non-members cannot access these pages) that will help us get off to a good (re)start in Internet marketing, avoid some of the pitfalls and learn some of the secrets of how the ‘gurus’ are doing it! Hey, maybe we can become gurus ourselves! Read on!