The Word Bay

A radical proposal: Part I – The Problem

I want to discuss in more detail something that I briefly touched on in a recent article. You may remember that my first point, aimed at people creating a new niche site using Wordbay (or any other monetisation script for that matter), was that we MUST resist the temptation to create a site that is merely chock-full of product listings, just because we CAN. With a tool like Wordbay, it is just too easy to create a site full of dozens of pages of nothing but eBay listings. But as I said last time, sites like this are destined to disappear without trace in the Google listings in the blink of an eye. Quite simply, Google (rightly, we must grudgingly agree) considers such sites to be ‘thin’, meaning they do not provide any valuable content for visitors that they could not find elsewhere, like on eBay!

“But,” you may say “my site provides people with a place to find very specific items in a particular niche, that eBay does not provide them with.” Yes, that may be true, but

  1. Google evidently thinks that’s not value enough, and has been of that opinion for a long time now, so we just have to live with this fact and
  2. you also know in your heart of hearts that as a surfer, you want to be served more than just a page of eBay listings when you are looking for information about products you are thinking of buying.

So like it or not, it looks like we WILL have to do a bit more work on our sites after all. Content IS still King, no matter how much we try to get round it (and believe me, I have tried!) Instead of spending all our time trying to find other, sneaky, devious ways of getting people to our sites, why not spend that time actually creating some value that will get them there and keep them there?

Let’s leave the question of HOW to do that for another time.