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A radical proposal: part II – How to start providing value

In the first part of this series we were looking at why we often do not create the kind of sites, whether using Wordbay or any other tools, software etc., that people will actually visit, that Google will actually like, or that will ultimately actually earn us money!

Well, if you were wondering where this ‘radical proposal’ of mine is, here it goes:

In my opinion, I think you should resist the temptation to put any eBay listings at all on your blog for the first month, at the very least, even better two months, even better three months!

Trying to monetise any site from the outset draws our focus (oh yes, and Google’s focus) away from the most important thing about your site, and that is giving people a reason to even visit it! Yes, it seems like a drag, we want to start earning money straight away, but believe me, you will earn a lot more in the long term if you do it this way, and you stand to earn nothing whatsoever if you try to circumvent this step! And does it really matter that you might get four visitors the second week who WOULD have clicked on your ads?! RESIST the temptation – do not sacrifice long-term earnings for some pennies you might pick up now.

You should be spending the initial weeks and months of your site’s development on thinking about what will draw visitors to your site and creating the content to do this. It makes sense really, doesn’t it?

I will leave the HOW of creating valuable and “sticky” content for another article. But the basic premise has to be this: your content has to reflect what people are actually searching for! Again, not rocket science if you think about it. And what do people search for? They search for content that will meet a need that they have. A page full of eBay listings generally will not meet their needs, even if their need is “to buy a green widget” – frankly, they can find their way to eBay, Amazon or wherever by themselves!

How we discover these needs and how we create content to meet them is a subject for another time! But what do you think? Does this radical proposal of mine make sense?