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Before you start your new niche site, have you done what I didn’t do?

Warning – in this article I am going to embarrass myself by revealing a site that I made a few years ago that illustrates how NOT to create a niche site! It’s for the common good, so I hope you will not think less of me 🙂

Now, in a previous article I suggested two basic models for doing affiliate marketing and concluded that the majority of Wordbay users are going with the second option – making small niche sites around a limited subject area, rather than trying to build a huge authority site in some more general field.

And that is a great strategy, provided you have done at least ONE VERY important thing before you even install WordPress!

Now if you are a seasoned Internet marketer then you know all about this and can move right on. But I PROMISE you (because I was there), there are PLENTY of new and not so new IMers who just are not going through this vital process before they even start a new site, and are failing as a result because, as we have talked about before, they are simply not providing searchers with what they are actually looking for.

The vital step I am talking about is (you guessed it, I know):

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