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Two proven models for affiliate marketing – which are you applying?

In another article I came up with the startling revelation that in order to get the search engines sending visitors to our site, we have to actually supply them with what they are looking for! Not as blindingly obvious as it may seem – I remember my first site, I knocked up a few pages with about 5 rows of text on each, about some random Amazon product or other, with a pile of affiliate links added in. Then I sat back and waited for the visitors to come flooding in. And waited…

I think by sheer luck I did actually sell something – about six months down the road – and earned $2.17 or whatever. Oh joy! And then didn’t sell a bean for another six months. But I know I wasn’t unique. I see new Internet marketers doing this exact same thing ALL the time. And it isn’t going to make us our first Internet million and there’s a very good reason why – because we are not giving the visitors value, we are not giving them what they are actually searching for!

Two PROVEN models for affiliate marketing

OK, so let’s get down to how to do this.

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