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Terms of use

Every website is supposed to have terms of use. Now I could have found some standard terms somewhere and put them up here. However I honestly very much doubt that:

a) anyone even reads that stuff

b) it would count for much in a court of law.

Let me add, too, that there is almost zero likelihood that anyone could mount a successful case for any damages real or imagined against the owner of this site due to his geographical location and legal jurisdiction.

So if you wish to use this site, let’s just sum the whole thing up fairly simply: Use your common sense when using and interacting with this site. The owner tries to maintain a legal and ethical standard which is at least as high as any you are likely to come across, but ultimately he cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury, damage etc. you suffer as a direct or indirect result of visiting this site. You should not take serious life-changing or financial decisions on the basis of anything you read on this site. No promises should be inferred regarding any kind of earnings potential of any information or software you find here.

If there’s something you don’t like, tell the owner (via the contact form), and he will be sure to let you know likewise. Any dispute should be resolved by mutual agreement through dialogue. As a user you are kindly asked to behave on and towards this site as netiquette and the normal rules of social interaction dictate or you will be asked/made to leave. This website functions like pretty much most other websites out there – you should tailor your expectations and behaviour accordingly. That’s it really.